1. General information about our steroid e-shop

Yousteroid.com do not sell anabolic steroids or hormonal substances, do not encoarge to the usage. Website YouSteroid.com is accessible only for people over 18 years who are looking for steroid informations. Sale steroids and anabolic hormonal substances is prohibited. This page is for information only !!!

2. How to buy steroids?

Shopping in our steroid e-shop is very simple for every customer who is looking for quality steroids. We have prepared a simple guide
how to make your purchase. Offered goods can purchase through shopping carts, located at
each product offered.

1. Select steroid product or products in the exact quantities and choose Add to Cart.
2. After inserting products into your cart will show shopping cart page with the actual content.
3. If you decide to go shopping, click ,,continue shopping".
4. If you are in the shopping cart product you are interested and want to order it, so just click on
the option ,,Order".

5. Please confirm your order and proceed to next step with bank transfer. Then you will pay with
other payment method. It is up to you which payment method you choosed.

3. Tracking number

Our steroid eshop send tracking numbers only if the delivery time exceeds 15 working days. No
less! This is the reason why administration on post office may take so many days. We cannot influence it. But you do not have to be worried. Your order will be sent always when the status of your order shows " Shipped ".Orders over 500€ have special
status and we can send request for faster processing to our post office.

4. Delivery terms and Resending policy

- Delivery time is 4 - 10 business days.

- If delivery time exceeds 15 business days and you have not received your order, please send
request to our customer service and ask for tracking number.

- If your order has been seized by customs and you receive letter from authority then your order
will be resend for half of the price. Proof of seizure send us as soon as possible (We do not have resending
policy with these countries - Switzerland, Finland, Sweeden, Australia, Norway)

- If your order will be lost, stolen, send back to us by post office or become another unexpected
situations then we are able to resend your order for half of the price. This happens only if delivery
time exceeds 30 business days and you do not have any information where is your order. Please
ask our customers service for more details.

5. We are not responsible for:

- If the delay is caused by the courier or mail.

- If you enter the wrong shipping address and couriers cannot find you.

- Broken ampoules or damaged packaging caused by shipment by post or courier.

- You must be careful what steroid products you choose. If, after receipt of the goods the buyer finds that
the goods don't match his expectations, purchased goods will not be exchanged and you should buy steroids again.

6. Shipping costs

Your order will be sent automatically with regular delivery. Shipping charge is 15€ worldwide. It is
included in your final price.

We offer you EMS - Express mail service. It is something like Fedex or UPS.
With this delivery method you receive your package in 3 - 7 days. Shipping charge is 30€