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Winstrol Depot contains 50 mg in 1 ml of steroid substance Stanozolol in injectable form. A vial has 1 ml. 

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Stanozolol is used in humans to treat anemia (low red blood cells), hereditary angioedema (swelling) and also in the control treatment Breast been women. The animals used for muscle growth, red blood cell, increase bone density, also for stimulating appetite in debilitated animal following surgery.

Description and results:

It is one of the most commonly used steroids. Stanozolol is well known under the name Winstrol. It is 17-alkylated steroid II. (Non-receptor) type available mostly in the oral, but also veterinary injectable form (Winstrol In the USA and in Europe Winstrol Depot). In medical practice it is used against angioedema (allergic eczema). The first reports of it date back to 1959, and soon he received widespread in sports and medicine.

-His therapeutic dose is 5-10 mg only !!!

-It DHT derivative

- not aromatize, even it has a slight anti-estrogenic pôsobonie

- strongly increases proteosynthesis

-There in oral and injectable form

(Short ester is soluble in water, the ester is a long oil soluble)

-His androgenic effects are 3 times higher than that of TST, but unfortunately anabolic effects are limited to 1/3 effect of TST reactions

Strong burden on the liver, is among the most toxic oral AAS

-stanozol received the oral form is first absorbed in the digestive tract, and then passes the liver, because it is assumed that the circulation gets much less active compounds, the injectable form. Studies have shown that oral administration of stanozolol is metabolized in the body twice, where it is administered by injection only once, so the effects of the injection Winstrolu are much higher, especially in terms of increasing prottosyntézy.

-Another interesting is that oral administration of stanozolol already at a dose of 0.3 mg / kg body weight decreases SHBG to 50%. Which of course strengthens anabolic effect cures. The important point is that the injected as stanozolol SHBG decreases at the same dose of only 11%.

- A large part of the free TST is bound to SHBG and thus reduce the anabolic effect of TST, stanozolol thanks you can reduce SHBG and thus more efficiently TST. It is therefore recommended after 5 weeks of treatment taking stanozolol in the crust as it increases anablický effect.

-It also shown that injecting stanozolol after its discontinuation causes acne much larger than the oral form of stanozolol.

-I only therapeutic dose of 6 mg can unsettle lipid profile (30%). Thus raise bad cholesterol and reduce good. Therefore, when using stanozolol it is appropriate to take supplements favorably uvplyvňujúce cholesterol.

-Frequent people ask whether an injectable stanozolol drinking, the answer is yes, we may PYT, we will benefit from it but the same effect as if you were taking stanozolol tablet, which is certainly worth financially.

Side effects of Winny steroid:

Chemically Stanozolol is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), respectively. oxymetholone. It is reported to have a relatively low androgenic effects, but in fact is far more androgen such as oxandrolone. Because of its structure, it is capable of flavoring. He even claims that blocks the production of estrogen by the action of other steroids, with which it is combined. They also reported their effects, that blocking production of progesterone, which is beneficial for example when combined in cycle with Nandrolone. However, the known negative effect of stanozolol for the HDL / LDL cholesterol levels. Even very low doses of 6 mg / day for 6 weeks was able to reduce HDL by 33% and raise LDL by 29%. Studies did not show a negative effect on the liver stanozolol at therapeutic doses. Even after 27 weeks of use of stanozolol in a dose of 12 mg / day could not be detected no significant differences in liver enzymes. Among bodybuilders, however stanozolol in this respect considered moderately toxic. Some users have reported problems with liver function tests at doses of about 50 mg per day. Stanozolol is despite the commonly held belief quite strongly Suppressive steroid; 10 mg / day decreased after 14 days of endogenous testosterone in healthy young men by an average of 55%.

Winstrol dosage:

- Usually doses are 30-50 mg per day orally or by injection of 100-300 mg per week every other day. There are known cases of athletes who took 100 mg / day and mention the significant impact of these benefits on the amount of muscle mass. This dosage, however, from a health point of view can not be recommended.

Veterinary injection form of stanozolol is considered more effective than oral, but it is an aqueous solution, the application is very painful. Rad athletes therefore prefer injectable stanozolol drinking (before taking shaken as white milky layer stanozolol is established on the day!). Oral drug injection version while the efficiency remains unchanged since the injectable Stanozolol is the same as the tablet 17-alkylated.

Winstrol for women - Women taking stanozolol quite often, but nevertheless they may appear virilising effects even at low doses (4-8 mg daily tablets).

Because of the smaller level of hepatotoxicity such Dianabol stanozolol can be used up to about 8 weeks. Due to the casting of dramatic levels of blood lipids stanozolol it is not definitely suitable for frequent and / or long-term use. At higher doses (50 mg) is clearly improved to shorten the cycle of six weeks.

Metabolites of stanozolol is now possible to detect up to five months after the last use.
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