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Stanozolol 100 Genesis contains 100 mg in 1 ml of steroid substance Stanozolol in injectable form. A vial has 10 ml. 

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Stanozolol 100 Genesis

What is Stanozolol 100 Genesis:

Stanozolol is well known under the name Winstrol. It is a 17-alkylated steroid II. (non-receptor) of the type available in an oral primarily, but also the veterinary injectable form (Winstrol in the USA and in Europe Winstrol Depot). In medical practice it is used against angioedema (allergic eczema).

Stanozolol 100 Genesis Effects and benefits:

Anabolic effect among athletes is very famous and popular, but of its effects are quite different. Some consider it a weak steroid, but this is not stanozolol. In general the use of stanozolol when given with a small but solid and relatively permanent additions. Erroneous opinion of his (in) efficiency appears to arise from the perception of the number of tablets that athlete consumes rather than quantity. The tablet because stanozolol is distributed mostly of 2 mg (100 tablets per pack), which is the smallest among all the concentrations of steroids. Moreover, it is a very expensive material, so that few individuals can afford to take a large amount.
Stanozolol 100 Genesis use among athletes especially power athlete, it does not cause water retention and excessive weight gain.

Uses and Cycle Suggestions:

Reviews are known. For bodybuilders is a popular drug for drawing with Primobolanem, boldenone and Parabolae. In combination with testosterone can be very effective to strength and bulk. Compared with other steroids it has excellent anticatabolic effect (inhibition of the effects of cortisol). In the treatment of AIDS patients there were significant increments the weight even at oral doses of 6-12 mg daily Winstrolu.

Side effects of Stanozolol 100 Genesis:

Reviews are known. Chemically stanozolol is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It has a relatively low androgenic effects and flavored. He even claims that blocks the production of estrogen treatment with other steroids with which it is combined. They are also given with the effects antiprogestagenické ie. Blocking of progesterone by the attendant benefits e.g. in combination with nandrolone and norethandrolone. Very few users to report water retention or any other side effects of the type of hypertension, seizures, and the like. Studies did not show a negative effect on the liver at therapeutic doses, but the builders, in this regard was moderately toxic.

Stanozolol dosage 100 Genesis:

The usual dose is 10-25 mg (or up to 50 mg) orally daily and 100-300 mg weekly injected. In Europe, the most prone Stromba tablet, but in view of the extremely valuable tablet form is usually taken less expensive version of the United States Animal Health Winstrol-V with 50 ml ampoules. Veterinary injectable form is more effective than oral, but this is an aqueous solution, so that stanozolol can not get away from the injection site the procedure of the esterified steroid. Injection is therefore often applied 2-3 times a week, sometimes every other day or every day. Moreover, injection is painful (blame the true aqueous solution). Therefore, many athletes injectable stanozolol drinks (shaken before use, because the white milky layer stanozolol is mounted on the bottom!).

Taken orally, while the injection version of the efficiency does not change, because stanozolol is filled like a tablet 17-alkylated. Women taking Winstrol quite often, they do it for them virilizing effects can occur even at low dosage (4-8 mg daily tablets).
Because of the relatively low hepatotoxicity stanozolol can be used for up to about 8 weeks. It is quite popular, yet effective and relatively safe steroid, which limits the use of only high price. The most expensive tablets (each around 15 EUR), injectable (in our Winstrol Depot) is usually sold in price ranges from 200 to 250 USD per 50 mg vial.

Winstrol’s Half-Life:

The half-life of Winstrol pills is 8 hours while the half-life for the Winstrol injections is 12 hours. For this reason, most people will take pills twice a day while only using one injection per day. Winstrol is not similar to other injectable forms of anabolic steroids in terms of being a watery suspension, instead of an oil based solution of a compound.

Stanozolol 100 Genesis years ago a "popularized" Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, who used Winstrol-V, veterinary injectable form. In 1990, traces of stanozolol were found in the urine Arnold Classic winner Shawn Ray. Metabolites of stanozolol is now possible to detect up to five months after the last use. Where to buy Stanozolol 100 Genesis? You can easily buy Stanozolol in our e-shop.


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Stanozolol 100 Genesis contains 100 mg in 1 ml of steroid substance Stanozolol in injectable form. A vial has 10 ml. 

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