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Proviron 25 Hubei contains 25 mg in 1 tablet of steroid substance Mesterolone in oral form. A box contains 30 tablets.

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What is Proviron 25 Hubei

It is essentially an orally active derivative of DHT, which was discovered in 1960.

Benefits of Masterolone - Proviron 25 Hubei in bodybuilding are huge. In the first place It is not a steroid, there are the androgenic composition which is ingested because of antiestrogenic properties. Unlike tamoxifen, which only blocks the estrogen receptors, mesterolone prevents direct aromatization and thereby suppresses the formation of estrogens. When taking this drug were reported and some muscle those increments, although are minimal as regards the more or less muscle hardness and density.

It is only slightly hepatoxic for liver and kidney, whereas the not-C17 alpha-alkylated compound. Mesterolone did not affect the production of its own testosterone. This substance stimulates the body to produce testosterone, is used only as a substance which is used to compensate for lack of the natural male androgens.

Mesterolone - Proviron 25 Hubei side effects:

When taking this drug, the risk to long-lasting painful erections, then the dose should be reduced. Other side effects are hair loss and enlargement of the prostate can also increase blood pressure.

As is known, androgen receptors are found such as in muscle, as well as fat cells, therefore ingestion mesterolone together with testosterone promotes growth of muscle but also loss of fat. It is good reason for using it in cutting cycle.
Mesterolone together with testosterone produce synergetic effect on muscle growth and fat burning, thus multiplying the anabolic effect by promoting better absorption of free testosterone.

Proviron 25 Hubei tablets dosage:

The daily doses range from 25-200mg. Often times ingested during the whole treatment 1 tablet daily, or at the end of treatment, therefore the last 4 weeks, precisely because previously to said synergistic effect together with testosterone. The PCT is very often taken with tamoxifen, a pyramid system downwards from 3 tablets of the first week, second week of 2 tab. and 1 tab. last week. Those variations are of course more, it depends from steroid treatments.

Its detection time is 5-6 weeks. Half-life = 12 hours.

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