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Methyltestosterone 25 Genesis contains 25 mg in 1 tablet of steroid substance Methyltestosterone in oral form. A box contains 100 tablets.

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What is Methyltestosterone 25 Genesis

Steroid methyltestosterone are an effective oral form of testosterone. According to available information, the actual oral administration of testosterone in the liver changes, mostly to inactive ingredients and the blood gets in the active form only 5-10% of the administered activity. Methyltestosterone has a rapid effect immediately after administration, so many consumers Doping steroid abuse this right before a performance (training, competition). Whip up the way to greater efficiency.

How effective is Methyltestosterone 25 Genesis

These steroids cause weight and weight gain (caused by large accumulation of water). When these steroids used on its own after stopping everything quickly returned to its original state.

Experience and benefits

When being misused? Steroid methyltestosterone, according to documented cases of abuse especially weightlifters, throwing the American football player. Bodybuilding is mainly used in the bulk cycle in preparation. The available literature is also mentioned abuse in preparation for a competition in which energy-restricted diets often resulting in only moderate training deployment. Methyltestosterone tend to misuse these states reportedly very rare.

Side effects of Methyltestosterone 25 Genesis

These steroids are characterized by many side effects - liver toxicity, severe fluid retention and salts thereof, with the associated high blood pressure, headache, and acne. They allegedly also known conditions caused by uncontrollable aggression specifically those steroids.

Dosage Methyltestosterone 25 Genesis

How to take methyltestosterone? Because of severe toxicity stated time limit abuse is four weeks. Even the main Doping gambler (who admitted having used steroids megadávok) did not take ever higher doses than 25-50 mg per day.

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