Androlic 50 British Dispensary contains 50 mg in 1 tablet of steroid substance Oxymetholone in oral form. A box contains 100 tablets.

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What is Androlic 50 British Dispensary:

It is a powerful androgenic and anabolic acting oral steroid, which is often called in bodybuliding a "steroid pump" because in practice achieved by means of pumping it a nice effect, as if the muscles gave enlarge indefinitely. I think that this is the strongest acting steroid at all if I'm wrong correct me. At the same time, however unfortunately also the most harmful.

Androlic 50 British Dispensary Effects and benefits:

Said pumping effect is caused by excessive production of red blood cells. But it is no longer enough red blood cells, occurs in the kidney erythropoiesis, kidneys are too cumbersome and if you were trying to take boldenone, or growth hormone, which is also known as manufacturers of red blood cells, this effect is multiplied and can fall as Dennis Newman, who has just collie that got leukemia.

Since oxymetholone is converted to progesterone, also I considered unfit to be combined with substances which have the same effect (nandrolone, trenbolone), already by you through use did not help against gynecomastia and other signs are strong androgenic action of this steroid or proviron, tamoxifen, or other antiestrogens.

Androlic 50 British Dispensary in cycle:

Oxy can be well combined with Primobolan (methanol) or with stanozolol to cutting cycle or diet. Gains are reliable. When you do not diet, so the volume, but only for the ground run treatments and 2-3 weeks. More is paid to both collie burden on the liver, kidney, negatives are strong androgenic action and other negative that oxy brings.

Do diet is suitable especially because of the fact that increases muscle hardness, reduces hunger and has considerable ability to increase muscle hardness. But again taken in moderation, up to 3 tablets a day (a normal human being would be enough even much less) and over those two weeks not to take.

It mentioned the formation of glycogen is caused by the conversion of carbohydrates to it (glycogen). Except when we are in the diet of carbohydrates and accept a little more on our body operates this shit and it makes the produce glycogen, it becomes such a thing, that we get to hypoglycemia. Which would be a big bummer.

Androlic 50 British Dispensary side effects:

A higher dosage of the classic herein as the risk of side effects, and gynecomastia femini various manifestations, Acne or hair loss, headache, stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

The women were often result virilizing symptoms such as a deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth, menstrual disorders, hypertrophy of the clitoris, enhancement of libido, loss of hair and strong acne, which can no longer be remedied (to later, acne, and disorders of cycle periods, and excessive growth of body hair - it can shave ...)

Dosage Androlic 50 British Dispensary:

how to take Oxymetholone. It is usually recommended in early steroid cycle, short-term (3-6 weeks), wherein the daily dose is divided into 2 times. Its bioavailability is the same if it is used before or with a meal. As I mentioned earlier, used mainly in the early rounds because of his fierce onset of action and also due to greater sustainability increments. Its use does not make sense to drag for extreme periods of time because the effectiveness Oxymetholone falling, and also with the duration of use, the more side effects that outweigh those later required.
- Overall, the AAS not recommended for beginners. Usually, the daily dose in the cycle when the first oxymetholone used, only climbs to 50 mg.

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